Unit 1: Essential Elements
Unit 1: Essential Elements

Section 1. Partnerships and Planning

Clinic Planning

Every community’s challenges and potential solutions are unique; yet there are often similarities that arise when addressing the needs of the underserved and identifying the underlying causes for inequities related to care. If you and/or your fellow partners have not had experience in community organization, the information later in this section could be quite valuable.

Target Population

This critical decision should arise out of concerns expressed by community members themselves and verified by your needs assessment, mission, and goals. Try to look beyond the obvious. Seek to address the cause, not merely the symptoms. There are many variables to consider, such as public and private insurance coverage, geographic boundaries, age, and special populations (migrant workers, homeless, non-English speaking). Get them on the table, so that those gathered can view them collectively. Are they truly separate issues, or is there a commonality among some or all?