Unit 1: Essential Elements
Unit 1: Essential Elements

Section 2. Key Principles

Strategic Planning

The mission of the organization is vitally important because it will determine the type of safety net dental clinic that is needed. For example, a clinic whose mission is to provide emergency and basic level preventive and restorative care to all patients regardless of their ability to pay will be very different from one whose mission is to provide comprehensive care to children who participate in Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program. More information on this topic is provided in Unit 3.

  • Does the clinic have a mission statement?
    • Are all staff aware of the mission?
    • Do the clinic’s policies, procedures, and protocols support the mission?
    • Has the mission changed due to changes in local economics, population shifts, or other factors?
  • Does the clinic have a strategic plan?
    • Are all staff familiar with the strategic plan?
    • How often is the plan reviewed?
    • How often is the plan updated?
  • Does the clinic have a business plan?
  • Are the partnerships that helped to establish the clinic still in place?
    • Are new partners needed?