Unit 4: Administrative Operations
Administrative Operations

Section 2. Human Resources


The best way to retain new staff is to let them know what they can expect from the safety net dental clinic and what the clinic expects of them. Typically, within the first 2 days of employment, each new oral health team member should be given a general on-site orientation to the facility and information on the scope, structure, and function of the clinic. Often, employers require a formal on-boarding orientation where all aspects of the employer's culture, expectations, and required trainings are reviewed. The dental clinic orientation may or may not take place as part of the overall on-boarding orientation.

Orientation is most effective when written reference materials such as a policies and procedures manual or employee handbook are provided. Ongoing orientation for all staff is needed whenever policies and procedures change. This can often be accomplished during a staff meeting.

Topics to Consider for Orientation of New Personnel

  • What treatment priorities are in place
  • Where to turn for information and guidance
  • How to complete data system forms and other forms
  • Who will be their supervisor
  • Which employees they will supervise
  • What resources are available to them (supplies, equipment, money, contracts, laboratories, consultation, patient referrals)
  • What methods of evaluation can be expected
  • When the evaluations will be performed
  • Standards of conduct and performance
  • Contents of any office or employee handbook
  • Information on the community social and economic status
  • Relevant cross-cultural training