Unit 5. Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement
Quality Assurance & Quality Improvement

Section 3. Measuring to Improve Quality

Staff-Satisfaction Surveys

Job satisfaction is a major determinant of staff retention. Over 6,000 dentists leave the profession annually, and only about 3,000 new dentists enter it each year. If a dentist is dissatisfied with his or her job at the clinic, there are countless job opportunities elsewhere. In many areas of the country, shortages of dental hygienists and experienced dental assistants also exist. Routine use of staff-satisfaction surveys or interviews will allow a clinic administrator to identify problems and trends before they lead to loss of staff.

Ensure that all responses on staff-satisfaction surveys are anonymous so that staff will be candid in their responses and know that negative responses will not be used against them.

Objectives for staff-satisfaction surveys:

  • Provide information upon which to base actions directed to:
    • Improve employee performance
    • Improve quality of service
      • Speed
      • Courtesy
      • Accuracy
    • Improve customer satisfaction
    • Improve employee retention
    • Reduce employee sick leave or other absences
  • Demonstrate management's commitment to listening to employee's views
  • Fulfill commitment made to a union or other employee-representative body


Topics Frequently Included in Staff-Satisfaction Surveys

  • Management/supervision
    • Technical competence
    • Management skill
  • Variety on the job
  • Authority
  • Responsibility
  • Sense of achievement
  • Training and development
  • Working conditions
  • Job security
  • Communication
  • Recognition
  • Compensation
  • Attitude to quality
  • Attitude to customer satisfaction
  • Fulfillment of personal goals
  • Identification with organization and its goals
  • Career progression
  • Teamwork