Chapter 2. Facilities and Staffing

Equipment and Supplies

What supplies, instruments, and small equipment are needed for a dental clinic?

To provide a starting point for determining what supplies and instruments are needed, a supply/instrument list based on a per dentist requirement Word was developed using Indian Health Service criteria. When ordering supplies, a master order list should be developed. An example of an ordering checklist pdf is provided. Although you will not need all of the supplies and instruments listed, it can serve as a comprehensive list to start from. A list of this type also serves as a good way to track what supplies and instruments have been ordered.

The first year is the most expensive for supplies because you need to purchase start-up supplies, and then purchase replacement supplies monthly. From the second year on, only replacement supply costs are major expenses, with an occasional purchase of a new instrument or new piece of equipment.

If you have selected a dentist or dental hygienist to work in the facility, he/she should be consulted regarding preference for supplies and equipment, as they often have their favorites.



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