Chapter 2. Facilities and Staffing

Chapter 2. Facilities and Staffing—Introduction

Chapter 1 provided information on developing community support for a dental clinic and planning for a reviewing blueprintsdental program. Chapter 2 provides vital information for organizations that have determined a need for a fixed dental clinic facility to best serve their target population.

Information is provided on areas such as:

  • Size of facility needed to optimally serve different population sizes
  • Estimates of construction costs
  • Estimates of supply, instrument and equipment costs
  • Staff configurations for different clinic sizes
  • Dental clinic layouts
  • Construction specifications for a dental facility
  • How to select dental equipment, instruments and supplies

Once you determine facility size, read this chapter from beginning to end. It contains many details that need to be considered prior to clinic construction and seeking funding for a dental program. Cost information from this chapter will be very useful when considering funding and budget issues discussed in Chapter 3.


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