Chapter 6. Program Sustainability

Chapter 6. Program Sustainability—Introduction

Chapter 1 of this manual provided information on building partnerships and strategic planning for your clinic. Chapter 2 covered facility design and staffing. Chapter 3 discussed clinic finances, including grants and fundraising. Chapter 4 covered clinic operations, and Chapter 5 covered program evaluation and quality management. This final chapter of the Safety Net Dental Clinic Manual will attempt to pull all of the information contained in those chapters together into a review of what is needed for efficient and effective delivery of clinical services and business operations. It is recommended that Safety Net Dental Clinic (SNDC) directors use the indicators, processes, and data elements described in this chapter as a guide to assess their progress towards ongoing sustainability.

Other resources are also available on clinic sustainability, and the reader is encouraged to review them to get a complete picture of the topic:

Much of the information in this chapter has been borrowed and adapted from the following sources:

  • IHS Clinic Efficiency Manual,
  • IHS Oral Health program Guide, and
  • Pre-visit Questionnaire developed for the Ohio Oral Health Capacity Building Project through support provided by the Anthem Foundation of Ohio.

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