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For the best user experience, we recommend viewing Safety Net Dental Clinic Manual using a modern internet broswer such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. If you are unable to view the curricula, please check to see that you have the the most recent internet browser version on your computer.

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Links; Viewing and Saving Documents

Text that is blue and underlined is linked to other resources. Icons are included near the links to designate the file type of the resource. Links without icons are within the manual, or to pop-up windows, so please enable pop-ups.

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External link

To view external links, click and you'll visit a Web page in a new browser window. Close the window when you are finished and the manual will still be open in your browser.


Adobe® Acrobat® PDF (portable document file) format

To view PDF documents, you need the free Adobe Reader® installed on your computer.



To view and edit Word documents, you need Microsoft Office or any other compatible software capable of reading Word and Excel documents.



To view and edit Excel documents, you need Microsoft Office or any other compatible software capable of reading Word and Excel documents.



To view PowerPoint files, use PowerPoint, which is included with Microsoft Office. If you do not have PowerPoint, you can still view a PowerPoint presentation using the PowerPoint Viewer. If you don't have the viewer, you can download it free from Microsoft.

Links to Excel spreadsheets, Word documents or PowerPoint presentations can be edited for your use. When you click on one of these links, depending on your browser settings, you may either get a dialog box asking if you want to open or save the file, OR a new window is launched containing the file. If your browser is set to just launch the file in a new window, make sure you save it to your desktop. It may look like you can make changes on the screen, but the changes will not be saved until you save the document to your desktop. To save the item, you need to use the save function in the software itself. For Excel, Word and PowerPoint, you can press the Control + S keys simultaneously (Command + S for Mac). You then have to navigate to where you want the file to be saved. You cannot make edits to the item unless you save it to your desktop first!

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